Keep an Eye on Your Business While You Enjoy a Well-Deserved Summer Vacation

In a remote working world, your home and your office suddenly merge, putting very little boundary between your personal and professional lives. As an entrepreneur, that likely means you have extremely important business documents living right next to family heirlooms or other valuable personal items. All of this is to say that home security is perhaps more important than ever.

You don’t need to get a complete security system to keep an eye on your home. A significantly more budget-friendly option is investing in the winner of the CES Innovation Award for Cybersecurity & Privacy, the Ucam Private Home Security Camera by IoTeX.

Ucam says it is the first indoor home security camera with 100 percent privacy, thanks to the power of the IoTeX blockchain. The IoTeX blockchain was built with “privacy by design” to ensure people can own and control their smart devices and data completely, removing centralized intermediaries from the picture. Ucam grants users exclusive ownership of all the data they collect so even IoTeX’s engineers can’t see them for any reason. You can share or revoke access with other users at your discretion so you have absolute power over your recordings and privacy.

Unlike traditional email and password logins, Ucam gives you an IoTeX-based private key that is known only to you, and offers end-to-end encryption so the only place your videos are ever decrypted is on your mobile device. With the Ucam mobile app, you’ll have secure, real-time access to 1080p HD livestream video wherever you are. Plus, the camera provides motion detection alerts, night vision, two-way audio, and in-app pan/tilt/zoom for 360° coverage.

Store video on the cloud or on a microSD card up to 128GB, allowing you to store up to three weeks of continuous video (with old footage automatically replaced by new footage). Ucam’s cloud storage supports motion detection clips with a free tier and offers two paid tiers depending on your needs.

Gain peace of mind with this award-winning security camera. Normally $59, you can get the Ucam Private Home Security Camera by IoTeX for 21 percent off at just $46.99 today.

Prices subject to change