The Founders Are Redefining the Future Of Work With Innovative Solutions

Digital technologies have the potential to change today’s workplace as dramatically as the machines of the Industrial Revolution reformed the factory floor. To that, businesses need to shift their focus from introducing just one or two digitized processes to creating a full-fledged automated experience. New technologies are changing the face of business. How companies respond to these shifts in the digital landscape could determine whether they remain relevant in the marketplace.

Technology entrepreneurs such as Moyn Islam, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, with their disruptive enterprise, BE, see new-age technology not merely as a minor tactical fix but are harnessing it as an enabler of business community growth. They are poised to take advantage of the opportunities in the digital world. Their confidence, know-how, and ambition are reshaping the entire industry.

“In the next ten years, 50 per cent of jobs in the world will disappear. Our vision is to create a place of work for people from their smartphone,” this is exactly what the three talented entrepreneurs from UK, Moyn, Monir & Ehsaan already said a few years back

This trio is trendsetters as they had successfully bootstrapped a basic idea and turned it into a million-dollar company, BE, in just three years. Unlike others, the BE founders raised the most pertinent question: what if employment doesn’t exist tomorrow? It was not just raising the issue, but they also figured out a reasonable solution to it. With this strategic thinking, the Islam brothers created a dynamic ecosystem of products centered on its ‘Live and Learn’ exclusive concept. BE built a ground-breaking product suite backed by Artificial intelligence in the space of online learning and online travel, and fin-tech and opened the floodgate of opportunities for millions to change their destiny

Today, Moyn Islam, BE’s chief executive officer; Monir Islam, chief visionary officer; and Ehsaan Islam, chief technology officer successfully lead 200-plus employees worldwide, creating exponential value for independent business owners from all backgrounds alike. They envisioned a future of possibilities, transformed those possibilities into purposes, structured those purposes into a passion, and followed through with sheer hard work. Moyn, Ehsaan, and Monir Islam mirror and express their outstanding vision in these words, “We wanted to make a real difference in the world of entrepreneurship. That’s when we realized that for us to achieve this, we needed to learn a lot and put ourselves in an environment that will stretch us to grow.”

The Impact that propels innovation in the young minds

Ushering a planned and empowered future is what motivates them to do what they are doing at present. At BE, they created a well-equipped community of adequately prepared individuals for the lot of work. The true purpose lies in exploring modern technology to educate and empower people, unite them and inculcate a sense of belongingness in them. That is what BE aims to achieve, and it continues pursuing this goal of building oneness with the intelligent use of advanced technology.

Ehsaan puts forth, “Exponential growth in business means developing rapid solutions over efficiency in the face of unpredictability. We will continue to seek growth as long as there is space for technological evolution in the world.”

Moving beyond the stereotypes of success

Like other path-breaking beginnings, the journey of Monir, Ehsaan, and Moyn Islam, BE founders, was full of setbacks when they were young. “Melius est esse circa vitae,” just as they say it, life is about becoming a better version of yourself—something that the Islam Brothers strive to do not just for themselves but for others too.

Monir’s spirit and experiences came from his younger days. He quotes, “life didn’t come easy for me. I had a rough one from a very young age, and that experience made me pursue a life of basic comfort. So, I was ready to risk it rather than regret it. I wanted to tell people, show them a life of dreams is possible. The entrepreneurial journey doesn’t get easier, but it surely does get better.”

During their early days, they started by doing odd jobs like delivering newspapers, working at retail shops, and driving taxis to take care of their essential needs. Becoming an entrepreneur was a far-fetched thought in their 20s, especially without the backing of money and experience. Yet, they realized that they would have to take a leap forward to change their future for the better. The brothers Ehsaan, Monir, and Moyn Islam mirror their passion through every single hurdle to set up a successful technology venture named ‘BE’.

BE’s Online Learning suite leads to Empowerment

The Islam brothers designed a suite of effective online learning to fulfill their unique mission to help people improve their overall personality and career, nurture their full capabilities, and gain financial independence. These interactive solutions prioritize people’s needs of taking the next step forward and working towards accomplishing personal and professional goals efficiently. It boasts worldwide users who use its powerful personalized learning features, latest industry-relevant content, multilingual options, live stream, and live chat features with instructors.

BE’s Traveling suite for the joy of exploring: BE covers the world of travel, food, and lifestyle by providing an exclusive travel membership so that people can take advantage of the best travel deals across the globe. This goal gives a sole subscription-based solution partnered with leading brands in flights, cruises, has over one million hotels, resorts, golf retreats, and holiday homes, and 50,000 car rental locations globally at more affordable prices.

Contributing to people’s success enriches the lives of the Islam brothers: Beyond business profits, contributing to the welfare of people is what the founders of BE aspire for. In this highly competitive world of entrepreneurship, Moyn, Ehsaan, and Moyn mirror their solid values and continue to motivate countless budding entrepreneurs through their inspirational journey. In the words of the Islam brothers, “You must love people enough to prepare and be changed so that they can succeed because of you.” This journey started with just two employees in 2018, BE has 200+ employees worldwide, with more than 60 operating from their Dubai Headquarter.

In the cut-throat, ultra-competitive world of entrepreneurship, the Islam brothers are always looking for any edge to increase their success odds. While passion, persistence, and hard work are essential, as they argue, it is the courage that will genuinely make one unstoppable. They were not different from ordinary people, but they had extraordinary passion, optimism, and a dream to lead a remarkable life. Even on the brink of failure, they adapted, pressed forward, and created this own exceptional path. Their mission is to build a workplace for one million people from just a smartphone and help them live and learn anywhere, anytime. Moyn, Ehsaan, and Monir Islam’s net worth are not the financial gains but the value they add to people’s lives